The Benefits of Cryptologic Online Casino Software

The Cryptologic online casino software company has been around since 1996, but despite this fact, it is still one of the lesser-known developers in the industry. Names like Microgaming and even Playtech are almost household words among gamblers, but this one has been around just as long. Why aren't they more popular? Well, the truth is that they are. You just have to get in with the right crowds.

Cryptologic gameplay

They got their start back in 1996 by providing software for the famed InterCasino which is still in operation today and boasts a significant client base. Since then, they have gone on to provide games for VIP and William Hill, too. One of the things they are most known for is their progressive jackpots that are found most commonly with the slots, but can also be found in a few table games and video poker offerings. The range in value from just a few hundred all the way up to several million dollars.

Cryptologic online casino software is also available in a variety of platforms from which site owners and users can choose. Those with Windows-based PCs can download and install the package to their computers, but those with Macs or other systems can access the browser-based application that is also available. Users have the ability to create personal profiles, to interact with others in lobbies, and even view information about a particular game by clicking on its name. Unfortunately, they have yet to provide a mobile platform at all, but it is hoped that this will be one of their next offerings.


Smooth online gambling

Despite the fact that they are one of the smaller companies, the graphics they provide is the sole reason that they have such a solid following. Some would even argue that they are the best in the industry, and fans of this particular developer state that the sounds are of the same quality. All of the animations are always smooth, there are never any bugs in either the online or downloadable based clients, and users can also rest assured that the software is randomly monitored and audited for fairness.